About the Office

The City Treasurer’s Office is the custodian and manager of all cash and investments for the City of Chicago, the four City employee pension funds, and the Chicago Teacher’s Pension Fund. Additionally, the Treasurer’s Office manages a number of programs that promote financial education and small business growth in Chicago’s neighborhoods. The Treasurer is one of three city-wide elected officials in the City of Chicago, with the Mayor and the Clerk being the others.

The City Treasurer has three main functions:

  • Banker: The City Treasurer is responsible for maintaining all records and accounts associated with the City’s operating funds, as well as the escrow accounts held with various trustee banks.
  • Investor: The City Treasurer is the Chief Investment Officer for the City and is responsible for managing the City’s investment portfolio.
  • Advocate: The City Treasurer is authorized to conduct educational programs, provide counseling, and disseminate information regarding financial education, small business support, and access to banking for residents of the City.
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