Quarterly Earnings Call


In May 2015, in response to recommendations from constituents to foster greater transparency and accountability from their financial steward, Treasurer Summers began holding Quarterly Earnings Calls (QEC)—the first of their kind in the Nation. The calls, with an accompanying webcast presentation, provide overviews of the global and national economies, as well as Chicago’s fiscal landscape. Each call also has a specific theme, such as diversity in asset management and the economic impact of investing in our neighborhoods. More than 500 participants dialed-in to the first calls, held in May 2015 and August 2015.

“During my 77 visits to Chicago’s 77 communities, the top recommendation heard around the city was for greater transparency and accountability from their financial steward,” Treasurer Summers has said. “Taxpayers of Chicago deserve an open dialogue about the City’s investments, finances and local economy and this new earnings call is no different than any investment firm or public company being held accountable to its investors.”

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